Specialist repairs to pipeline inspection and associated equipment

40 Years industry experience

We repair almost all brands of equipment and know each brands strengths and weaknesses.

Our work shop facility is tooled towards working and reworking the smallest of surface mount electronics components.

Supplier of WinCan inspection software. We can also supply dedicated desktop computers, built and configured in house.

Electronic and mechanical engineering specialists

Intratech is a repair facility that specializes in repairing CCTV pipe inspection equipment. We repair plumbers push cameras (sewer camera) , mainline inspection equipment,  UV lining equipment and lateral cutters. Intratech is currently associated with WinCan, MiniCam, Spoutvac, Ridgid, Pearpoint. Intratech is a proudly owned and operated family business. 

You can be satisfied knowing your equipment is in the right hands. We have extensive knowledge of electronic circuits including video transmission, very low frequency generators (Sonde), power supply circuits, integrated circuits, motor drive control circuits and much more.

Professional repair procedures

You will communicate with the actual technician that repaired your equipment with a full description of what was repaired and why. Our stringent repair procedures are based on European quality control standards. We are willing to prove our quality of repairs and industry knowledge is the best in the country.

We repair almost all brands of equipment and know each brands strengths and weaknesses. We work on brands like MiniCam, iPEK, Streicher, Rausch, Rico, Pearpoint, Ridgid, Troglotech, Vivax, SoloPro, Rocam and many more. We can supply almost all parts for the mentioned brands.